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Cake Shimmer is a line of 100% FDA compliant edible luster dusts.  These pearlescent powders bring confections to life with a shimmer of color, from delicate pearls to vibrant blues and pinks.  Cake shimmer can be brushed on dry, or mixed with Poppy Thinner and painted on for a bolder finish.  Our premium container allows dry brushing directly out of the sifter insert to eliminate the usual mess associated with luster dust.  Cake shimmer can be applied with ease to virtually any confectionary surface. 

Beware Mislabeled powders and glitters

Many pearlescent and glitter powders on the market claim to be edible, but how do you know which ones truly are?  The FDA sets specific requirements for mica-based colorant used in food products.  The most commonly ignored requirement is the limit on particle size.  If your "edible glitter" actually looks like craft glitter, it isn't edible!

Cake shimmer uses only ingredients sourced from US manufacturers and distributors who provide full certificates of analysis, proving FDA compliance and good manufacturing practices.  Rest assured that all Poppy Color products are 100% edible and safe for consumption. 

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